The easiest way for
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to offer net terms
Offer up to 90 days of trade credit without the complexity of managing KYB, risk, and collections.
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Delight customers with a better checkout and flexible terms

  • Offer up to 90 day payment terms without any added risk
  • Qualify customers in real-time so they only see options customized for them
  • Deliver a checkout experience that customers are happy about

Save time and frustration with streamlined billing

  • Intuitive platform for easier invoicing
  • Better visibility around the status of every payment
  • Faster time-to-launch, with a turnkey platform that requires no implementation

Get cash faster with instant payouts

  • Receive payment into your account within 72 hours
  • Stop chasing down payments and eliminate non-payment risk 
  • Pay less than the fee it takes to accept credit cards

Launch credits, rebates, and incentives in a click

  • Integrate retention programs directly within the checkout experience
  • Auto-apply discounts, credits, and rebates to future invoice payments
  • Incentivize customer behavior and product adoption
Market transforms the checkout experience for everyone
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